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Selling books at auction or to Robinson Street books

Over the years we've bought and sold books via auctions.  When consigning books to auction you often have to wait 6 months or more for your books to reach  the  auction room and then another month or two to receive payment.  one book auction house recently had its owner arrested for not paying the cosigners the proceeds from the sale of their valuables.  At Robinson Street Books we pay immediately for books we can use.  No waiting six months or a year nor worry about collecting what's yours.  Some auction house mix books with clothing, furniture pots and pans.  We...

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metal scrappers have a few choices to sell to People with books have us

metal scrappers have a few choices to sell to  People with books have us

We saved hundreds of books today from the landfill, a thousand or two last week. Some people bring their books and walk out with tens of dollars, some with hundreds of dollars, a few with a thousand+ dollars.  Find out which you are. Buyer on premises 7 days a week, call 607-217-4328. Call first for best time.  Buyer available at our Robinson Street office most days 11am to 4:30 pm  Help us fill the shelves and not the landfills or pulp mills.  We love physical books, the real deal.  Unfortunately textbooks are best sold back where they were purchased

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With the acquisition of the Provine collection in 2013 we became the repository of the largest history of science collection in private hands

With 100k offprints from the 1880's to approx 1890's our collection contains many of the highlights in Cytology, Genetics, Evolution, Reproduction, Eugenics, and Molecular Biology. It is the largest such collection offered today by any dealer worldwide.It rivals many  of the collections held in institutions.  

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Saving books save landfill space

Throwing books out?  Don't! let us find a new home for your books.  We buy books we can profit from.  Others we'll accept and save from the landfill.  Those books which we can sell will help us add to our checks to soup kitchens and food pantries.

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Strand in Manhattan Playing Catch-up to Robinson Street Books in Binghamton

Just noticed that The Huge Strand has a way to go to match Robinson Street Books's online cataloged inventory Strand less than 60,000 books Robinson Street Books over 120,000 books. In rare books Strand highest price book cataloged online $25,000  Robinson Street Books $200,000.  Strand Catch-up.

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