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With the acquisition of the Provine collection in 2013 we became the repository of the largest history of science collection in private hands

With 100k offprints from the 1880's to approx 1890's our collection contains many of the highlights in Cytology, Genetics, Evolution, Reproduction, Eugenics, and Molecular Biology. It is the largest such collection offered today by any dealer worldwide.It rivals many  of the collections held in institutions.  

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Saving books save landfill space

Throwing books out?  Don't! let us find a new home for your books.  We buy books we can profit from.  Others we'll accept and save from the landfill.  Those books which we can sell will help us add to our checks to soup kitchens and food pantries.

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Strand in Manhattan Playing Catch-up to Robinson Street Books in Binghamton

Just noticed that The Huge Strand has a way to go to match Robinson Street Books's online cataloged inventory Strand less than 60,000 books Robinson Street Books over 120,000 books. In rare books Strand highest price book cataloged online $25,000  Robinson Street Books $200,000.  Strand Catch-up.

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Our History of science Collection mostly from Sewall Wight via Will Provine

Will told me most of the offprints we have came to him from Sewall wright, A. J. Cain. LC. Cloning Articles from Robert Foote.  Now safely stored in our warehouse awaiting new collectors/researchers to protect and enjoy them

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New Make an Offer feature

See something you like.  Have a tight budget, make an offer just click the make an offer button.  If reasonable  might be accepted

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