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(Law)18th Century Notary copy book docked with seals signed by notary and witnesses, some pages indicate depositions some monetary exchanges.

Approx 150 pages mostly numbered. Dated mostly 1782. Bound in thick laid paper or paper vellum,some pages torn and crinkled. While I haven't been able to find empirical proof that this notary was from the Papal State the markings are the same as on a 18th Century Ecclesiastical trial we have in a prior list. Overall in very good condition some of the ink has turned brown due to iron content, Very few doc monuments are thus affected. Notaries
kept there records so if needed they could provide a copy and charge for the service. It was a source of continued income from prior work. The Papal states after 1580's tried to bring most of the
important notary records under Papal archive control. Rare indeed. We've not located a single auction record or offer for sale of such a copy book anywhere.  Some individual notorized 18th Century Italian notorized documents appear in Worldcat  no copy books are noted.  I doubt such a book appears anywhere outside of the Papal Archives

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