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Log-book of Real Frigata Urania Achille Paduano Ciornale Di' Navigazione Anno 1844, 45, 46

Sent by the King of Naples on a training voyage (?)  or to assist Garibaldi,  to Rio de Janero, the Frigate visited New York as well as Boston. This log book is very detailed and contains lovely watercolor rendtionsand drawings of bays, coastlines, other ships for which we are providing pics. The voyage was recorded by the chaplain in a book published in 1848 which is very rare, The North American Review gave notice to the book in a 1848 edition. This log-book is a lovely artifact and an important addition to several collections including early Italian Navy, Sea Voyage, over 200pp elephant folio. 18 drawings or watercolors some full page.. Brazil exploration, and nautical art.* 25,000.00 Black Cabinet

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