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Scientific Reprint Collections Conference American Philosophical Society 1984 with comments by Will Provine and others

. When we acquired a sea container of offprints from Will Provine in mid-2013, it contained offprints collected by early pioneers in the field of Genetics including: Edmund B. Wilson, Theodor Boveri, E. M East, Correns, Sewall Wright, and many others.  Cloning researcher Robert H. Foote also of Cornell, L.C.Dunn and many others.  Provine threw a  wide net and collected reprints (offprints) from many important researchers.  I enjoyed our phone and email discussions about  Sewall Wright, Barbara McClintock, and other important folks he had interacted with over the years.  It was wonderful to read his words from the 1984 conference...

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Just back from sorting 50 boxes of fine volumes. Much work ahead this week

Lots of books on business, many signed. plays from the 30s.  Many post modern novels, Small press second Generation New York School small press volumes from the 70s and 80s.

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History of Science, PaJaMo, Three Man Paper

We have thousands of original important and or antiquarian Science offprints, journals, books dealing with the history of science,  Nobel and Crafoord Prize winners.  Many signed.  Many rare offprints such as POJAMO experiment Nikolai Timofeéff-Ressovsky, Karl Zimmer, and Max Delbrück Three Man Paper.

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overheard in Binghamton

Have you read all the books you have? "we only offer for sale the books we've read twice...  

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Earth Day save books from the landfill.

We at  Robinson Street Books work daily to save books from being discarded into the landfill.

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